Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Few Good Sailing Movies

Ok so you have been watching the Americas Cup and after a comeback of epic proportions Oracle has won. Now what to watch to continue that fall sailing bug.

The best racing movie of all time and it is about the quest for the Americas cup. Not to mention female sailors will find a sailing hero. You must watch this if you love racing.

Morning Light
It is a Disney Film but do not hold that against it. This is the story of a team of young sailors from being recruited up to finishing the Transpac race. It has moments of greatness that are so real to any racer. When I was at the premiere years ago with a friend and the trim trim trim trim scene came on she doubted that was real and every racer knows that is real. Overall a great movie that has the character and warm fussy of Disney with the reality of sailing. ( Disclaimer I am friends with one of the sailors in real life)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ring my Bell

I bought a ships bell for outside my back door to function as a combo back doorbell and a dinner bell. Ok, in reality just because I love the idea. Now ships bells need a rope(line) handle attached to them. So I tied my own following the instructions in The Marlinspike Sailor. Then also following the standard instructions I painted it white but in ordder to stand out I mixed a tiny bit of blue into the paint. Doesn't it look great!!
Ever since I put it up everyone who has stepped onto my back deck has wanted to ring the bell.