Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hot Salt

Hot Salt is something I make every fall when the hot pepper plants are producing millions of hot peppers. It can actually be made with both green and red hot peppers but I always use green as the result looks electric. 
Salt about 1/4 cup
Hot peppers 3-4 depending on spice and size
How to
Mince the hot peppers.  Put into mortar and add salt. Grind with pestle until salt is colored and you can no longer see large pieces of peppers.   Let sit out in mortar occasionally grinding with pestle for hour or two so any excess moisture can evaporate.  Put into ziploc or salt shaker.

How to use
Sprinkle on fresh garden tomatoes
Sprinkle on black bean quesadilla
It is nice on eggs
Rim a bloody mary glass
Really anywhere you need salt and heat.

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