Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recipe Review- Joy the Baker Tiny Strawberry Cream Scones

Yesterday, I saw on my RSS feed a delicious looking recipe for strawberry cream scones. They looked delicious ( as does just about everything Joy the Baker makes) Since I had all the ingredients in my house I decided to make then this morning. I followed her recipe with only three exceptions.

Exception 1- I had a few more strawberries left so I used 1.5 cups strawberries roughly chopped. Mmm Strawberries!

Exception 2- Since I keep vanilla sugar for my coffee ( basically stick your old scrapped vanilla beans into a sugar pour container and shake) I used vanilla sugar in these scones and on the top which was awesome.

Exception 3- These were just for me, because I was craving them, so I did not do the pretty round cutouts but instead used my bench scraper to cut and spread them apart into 20 pieces. Not nearly as cute but tasted great. I think the cookie cutter would be awesome for a brunch or even a heart cutter for valentines or a bridal shower brunch. But just for myself this worked.

My strawberry scones

Overall: 9 out of 10 forks
A very good recipe quick and easy and super tasty. I could taste a little of the basic aspect of the baking soda so I wonder if a smidge less would be good but delicious quick and easy to pull together on ingredients that were already in my house. I will be making these again and I suggest you do as well. 

Oh and if you do not already subscribe to Joy the Baker I recommend that you do so she is entertaining and comes up with delicious things frequently.

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