Friday, May 3, 2013

Mustache Cookies with Nutella Frosting

So tonight I am helping organize the first monthly social of the year at one of the sailing clubs I am involved with. We are having a Cinco de Mayo theme and one of the other guys on the social committee made a joke about getting those hipster mustaches on sticks.  So this led to my thinking of cookies because cookies are always better then cardboard. I had a mustache cookie cutter from honestly I have no idea where. But you can get one here. I used the rich roll cookie dough from Joy of Cooking. This is my go to recipe for cut out cookies I follow it exactly except triple the vanilla. Roll the cookies out thick and then put on parchment lined cookie sheet and stick a lollipop stick in the middle. Make sure stick is not exposed. Bake as normal 350 degree 10-12 min till barely gold on edges and dry in center.
Now comes the awesome part. Normally I decorate cookies with a royal icing but honestly royal icing does not taste the best and I wanted brown and black so I could start with a darker colored icing and much more tasty. Enter Nutella cookie icing !!!!

Nutella Cookie icing recipe
1 cup nutella
1 cup powdered sugar
2 oz frangellico

How to
In your stand mixer mix together the nutella and powdered sugar. Scrape down the bowl a few times so everything mixed in. Should now look like this.
Then add in 2oz of frangelico (a tasty hazelnut liquor) while blending. Keep blending and scrapping down the sides until smooth. It will be a bit thicker then normally used for royal icing decorating but you want that in this case since you want the frosting to look like facial hair. Put in a piping bag with a grass tip. Pipe on mustaches.  I found piping in symmetry hard so they are not fantastic but still look really cute.
Then when piped about half  your cookies put frosting back in bowl and add black food coloring and mi. It takes much more black food coloring then you may expect.
Frost more cookies now with black. Let all the cookies dry flat to harden the icing.
Someone a bit more artistic could probably done a better job with the piping. But the frosting tastes so so good and is a tasty change from royal icing.
Bring to sailor party.

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