Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tres de mayo potluck sailing club party.

I try and keep notes on how parties I organize go. This was not my personal party but one I organized for social part of sailing club.
People :
47 at max about 60 total

Taco theme. 
20lbs taco meat,
150oz worth bean and onion vegetarian taco mix
6 heads lettuce shredded
case of 200 taco shells
40 oz sour cream
1 lb shredded cheese
16 oz salsa
Potluck for drinks desserts and sides. 
Tons of sombreros

mid 60's high winds. High winds under pavillion were an issue but we found out that a truck jack thing will lower the sides of the pavillion after everything on the tables were blowing away the first time.

Next time/lessons:
More taco meat more beans more lettuce we had more people then expected. 
Thia was a huge success and we actually had a great time the music provided by Chris was fantastic! Overall I would've if I could do it again had much more taco meat even though the prior year we'd only gone through 15 pounds of taco meat. This year we had a much better showing the weather was better and this contributed to a much larger number of people coming.

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