Monday, July 22, 2013

Solomons Screwpile 2013

I sailed the race to Solomon's on Friday into Saturday.  Lovely long starboard tack all the way down the bay. Winds around 15-20knots the whole time except the start. The start all of the sudden winds died and went every which way. Add in wind shadows from boats and it was wonky at the start.  However great run down bay finished about 3:30. 
Screwpile day one
No air postponed til 1pm and then wind picked up first to 8kt and then for second race to 15 knots.  I was on a different boat then race down and we had a shorthanded crew and a bunch of kinks to work out so did not do great but a fun day. The race committee had a contest for which boat had the most of several things during postponement and that provided some odd entertainment.  
Screwpile day two
We had an on the dock postponement till ten then they announced races would stsrt on water at 11:30. We got three races in which was really great winds were about 12knots.  So dang hot however.  The pool back at zanhisers marina was so wonderful. 
Screwpile day 3
Lovely lovely wind n the 15 knot range. 
2 races were gotten in ob the south course then back to fuel dock and main dock to drop off crew and then delivery back to annapolis. The wind and day was great getting back to annapolis

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