Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sugar sheets and making a Mr Yuk cake

So a friend of mine asked me to make her a Mr Yuk cake. Yes a cake that looked like the symbol of poison that you remember from the 80's. Odd I know.
Now as most bakers know getting true dark black is a challenge and getting really crisp lines in frosting is also a challenge. So I made a basic chocolate chocolate chip cake and added a dirty icing layer nutella using the nutella in place of icing. Then I used lime green fondant to cover the whole cake round. Then here is the new part to me at least . I used Wilton Sugar sheets in black and simply cut the pieces I wanted out using scissors . You can cut whatever pieces you want and they you peel off the backing. Now they say it sticks great to buttercream but was a smidgen too dry to stick to fondant so I used a small kitchen paintbrush and brushed on corn syrup to back of pieces and then placed them with my kitchen tweezers where I wanted them to be. The result was pretty darn great. Now my picture quality was awful but still.
Overall much sharper black lines then I would have gotten otherwise and the friend I made the cake for was over the moon. Additionally this used up less then a third of a sugar sheet so I still have a ton for some future project.

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