Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Sailing Santa

Dear Sailing Santa,
I've been very good this year. Sailing , helping out with Sailibration here in Baltimore, overall a really good girl. I have a Christmas list of items I would love for Christmas but are much too expensive to ask my family for. So below the Sailing Savor Single Santa list. Perhaps you want to spoil some sailor gal in your life.
1.Musto HPX Gor Tex Ocean Trousers in Red
Yup they are $635 but Santa you fly through all sorts of weather you understand that there is not such thing a bad weather just badly dressed for the weather.
HPX Gore-Tex Ocean by Musto

2. Camet Wahine Shorts
At $78 for a pair of shorts I want them but that is a lot for a pair of shorts. The old womens camet shorts XL sizing was way way off and fit someone who wore a size 6 normally so I am hesitant to buy the new design until I can try them on in the store.

3. Mustang Inflatable Harness PFD
This fall I sailed the Chesapeake bay great schooner race and a man on another boat died when he got knocked overboard and his shipmates could not get him back in for several minutes. This drove home the importance of a PFD and of tethering in to me. So $241.45 or not I am getting myself this in red before next season. Kinda hoping it goes on sail before then or Santa?!?

4. Sperry SeaRacer GripX3 Sailing Sneakers
New race sneakers would be excellent. I've tried these on and very grippy and friends who own them love them.
Women's SeaRacer + GripX3 Sneaker

I really like the chain design seabag. The pink with the industrial chain is such a nice contrast. My other sailbag is white  with a red stripe and I use it all the time. For $165 they are expensive but super durable bags.
Chain Design Tote Bag

6. J111
Santa if you are really nice this would be great!

Thanks Santa!!

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