Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Poem- Naval tradition

Tradition has it on the sea and now on this blog
A poem is made of the daily log
Since new years day is tommrrow
2012 a year of some sailing sorrow
Hurricane Sandy took Wabridge and Christian to the swell
The HMS Bounty sunk as well
The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race aboard Cuchulain
We lost a man.

On the note more cheerful
Some sailing news we had a year full
Sailrocket 2 really sailed some speed
59.23 knots put them in the fastest all time lead
Oracle's AC72 got really banged up
Capsized practicing for the Cup

Wednesdays sailing for me
Skipper bought us a new number 3
Best in region one CBYRA
Some good races on the bay
With DSC I did not race
Fun sailing with friends regardless of pace

Fathers day weekend had Sailibration
1812 celebrated in Baltimore and the Nation
Blue Angels and navy whites
Tall ships and parties most the nights
Ships from different countries and states
For the repeat in 2014 I can not wait

Well 2013 is soon to arrive
Enjoy tonight just do not drink and drive.

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