Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sailing New years Resolutions -Get in better shape

Every sailor needs to make new years resolutions to get better at sailing.
Mine are:
1. Get in better shape. 
2. Get better at sail trim
3. Sail more big boats.

So the real hard part is how to accomplish this. 
1. Get in better sailing shape. 
Well sailing is three different types of strong
a)Strength in short bursts of energy.Often you will have one long tack and all at once need to get that sail in.
For this I plan on doing plyometric from P90X. I have done P90X in the past and love the concept but 90 min every day is a bit much but I intend to do two days a week of plyometrics from P90X. I am going to sub this in in place of my running.
b)Flexibility and balance.!It is also flexibility in weird positions for long periods of time being off kilter and off balance. Yoga and Pilates are great for this. I intend to do two days a week of these videos or classes.
c) Strong just darn strong to be able to get that sail in the last bit to be able to haul and heave and physically move stuff.  Weight, push ups , pull ups ect are the way to go for this. I intend to continue doing The New Rules of Lifting for Women twice a week to help me with this.

2. Get better at sail trim.
Yikes this is a hard one. On some level I think this is mainly just sailing more. But some of it is theory and I will admit I am weak on the theory. How I intend to deal with this is to read one book a month on sail trim until spring.
My reading list is
January : The Best of Sail Trim 
Febuary: Mainsail Trimming:An Illustrated Guide
March: I am not sure recomend a good trim book in the comments please.

 3.Sail more big boats. This summer I want to sail more big boats. I already have a regular Wednesday ride and many of the weekend races but I hope to get another weekday ride and a few days of open ocean time. Mainly hoping to do this by volunteering to do delivery for some boats to gain some open ocean time. 

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