Thursday, February 7, 2013

ISAF Race Rules of Sailing 2013 The Changes

ISAF Race Rules of Sailing are the rules that govern the sport and almost all racing. Every few years the make the changes and release them in a new book of sailing regulations. This recent version is for 2013-2016 so these are the rules for the next three years.
Changes from the 2012 season are:
Part 1 Section 6: Environmental Responsibility-
                 Basically do not throw your trash in the water on the way to or during or way back from a race. Seriously, this should not be something even under question. Who does this? We sail in part because we love the water lets respect it and put the trash in a dumpster back at the marina.

Rule 20 Hailing Room to Tack section 20.3 Passing on the hail to additional boats
If Almonds are boats and the pretzel is an obstruction
              Lets say three boats are all on same course and Boat A hails for room to tack to boat B. It used to be that unless Boat B needed to tack for her own benefit she could not hail Boat C for room to tack. Now if Boat B needs room to tack in order to give room to Boat A while avoiding boat C she can now hail to Boat C for room to tack.

Surfing in section 42.3
Technically you used to only be able to manipulate the sails once per wind generated wave to surf. Now waves that are not at the same direction as the wind get that same treatment you can change sails once per wave to surf regardless of type of wave. This is a minor change and one that most people will not be aware changed.

Informing the Protestee section 61.1
RC can now inform a boat that they are being protested by RC after the race instead of as soon as reasonably possible. I'm not sure I like this rule as it eliminates the ability for the boat to do a turn to eliminate the protest. But let us see how it plays out in real life.

Protests in section 63
   If a judge sees the incident in question he or she must say so. Seems obvious, but this should make the protest room more fair. Removal of Bonus point system 90.3
There is no longer the bonus point system only low point system for scoring unless race rules state otherwise which is fine as the Chesapeake bay pretty much only uses low point.

A11 Scoring abbreviations
Now DPI= Discretionary penalty imposed  
This is fine although DPI makes me think of old printers dots per inch.

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