Friday, February 1, 2013

Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque because the Ravens won

I live in Baltimore Ravens territory and most of my family lives in New England Patriots territory. We had a bet over which team would win the Championship and got to the Superbowl. Ravens won!! So I received in the mail the other day a package containing Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder from Cape Cod Stuffed Quahog Company
Ravens victory has never tasted so delicious.
Both soups came frozen. The lobster bisque all you do is put the frozen bisque in a small saucepan and heat on low  or medium low until nice and warm. You know a bisque is fantastic when I find myself using a spatula to scrape down the side of the pan and get the last half a spoonful like you do with cookie dough.
The clam chowder you simply put as much milk(they say to use whole milk but I used 2% and it was creamy and delicious) in the pan as you do frozen clam chowder stock. Also heat on low or medium low until warm and tasty. Add a grind of fresh ground pepper and think of Massachusetts.
So so good. Glad the Patriots lost to the Ravens but also very glad to find this excellent company with the amazingly good soup.It is a total taste of new england down here in the mid atlantic.

Go Ravens!!

Disclaimer: Cape Cod Stuffed Quahog company has no idea who I am. I just loved the bisque and really liked the clam chowder. I have one container left of each and plan on ordering more soon.

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