Monday, January 7, 2013

Dogfish head 60 minute IPA Beer lollipops and hard candy

This idea wad inspired by the red wine lollipops at Sprinkle Bakes.
Dogfish 60 min 
I used Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA which is a very hoppy beer on purpose. Think about what beer you use as the flavor is concentrated. 
You need
1 bottle delicious beer
3/4 cup sugar
3 tablespoon light corn syrup 
Lollipop or other silicone molds. FYI I found out that not all chocolate lollipop molds work for hard candy lollipops.
Enough Crisco to grease the molds.

In a small saucepan pour the entire bottle or beer. Slowly simmer until reduced down to about 1/3 cup. (This is a nice time to drink a second Dogfish 60 min and cook your dinner) On medium low it will take about 30 min to reduce. If you heat higher then you could do this faster but you would have to watch it more to prevent scorching. Once reduced put to side to cool.

In large ( use a larger saucepan then you think you need) saucepan put in the center 3/4 cup sugar and then put on  3 tablespoons light corn syrup. You are putting the sugar in the center because you do not want excess on the edges of the pan later. Then put the 1/3 cup of beer concentrate around the edges.  Using a silicone spatula mix in towards the center just until the sugar looks damp. Put saucepan on medium low and allow to boil and simmer up. Wait until the sugar mix is at hard crack stage and the temp reads 300. Immediately, remove from heat and place on a cold heat proof surface that can diffuse heat. I used my cast iron sink edge that I had put ice packs on previously but a cold cast iron pan would be a great option. Allow sugar mix to stop boiling and for most of the bubbles to disappear. Pour into greeased lollipop or other silicone molds. 
Most bubbles gone.
This is a chocolate lollipop mold and thus did not release the lollipops.

Wait at least an hour to cool completely  Then realize you made a mistake using a chocolate lollipop mold that would not release the hard candy. Leave that mold soaking in hot water to dissolve away the sugar and then pop out the hard candy fish( or Dogfish if you will) They popped out very easy from the silicone molds. 
Put on plate. Enjoy!

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