Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite healthy breakfast

Like 99.97 percent of North America I am trying to eat healthy this January.  One issue is staying full until lunch on low calories.  I have a favorite fix for this only about 215 calories.
In your seasoned cast iron skillet on medium high (if you do not have a seasoned cast iron skillet go get one now) put half a chopped onion. Stir briefly.
Onions in skillet on medium high

Now chop a several button mushrooms. Once chopped add to skillet. Stir. 
Mushrooms in skillet with onions ( notice onions starting to cook)

OK now open can of black beans drain and rinse. Add about one sixth the can. Store remaining.  
See Beans now in skillet isn't this easy

Yum now grab two huge handfuls spinach and put on top. Stir.
Looks like a ton of spinach but just wait!
Take an egg out of fridge and crack into pan. Immediately stir breaking yolk. 
Egg added, stove gets turned off now as heat in pan will cook egg.

Turn off heat to skillet. Stir again egg should be cooked.
Done see that was fast!!

 Serve in bowl. Fills up entire bowl and fills me up till lunch. May not look fancy but tastes great and has about 15g protein which keeps you full. 
Yum! Delicious!

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