Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to cook an Artichoke

Last night I was in the grocery store and artichokes were on sale. The lady next to me looked at me as I grabbed two and said "You know I never know how to cook those" I explained the simple yet tasty procedure to her and now I am going to explain to you. Artichokes are easy!
Nice artichoke
First buy artichokes. You want ones that are heavy for their size with tight leaves and no icky brown spots.
Cut the stem off just at the point where the leaves start. It is ok if you cut a few leaves off in this process.
see that junction of leaf and stem
Make sure you cut flat.
Nice ok easy. Now put cut part down in a pan with about one inch of water. Cover pan and put on high till steaming and simmering and then move to medium high. Keep the lid on tight. It takes about ten to twelve minutes depending on the artichoke. When you think the artichoke is done use tongs to grab artichoke and with almost no pressure see if a butter knife will slip in to bottom easy.
Notice butter knife has gone in very easy this means it is done.
Great! Now pull out of steaming pan and place in a bowl or on a plate. Time to make the easy dipping sauce. Different people use different dipping sauces but I believe in a very simple vinaigrette.
 Simply pour a bit of olive oil, some red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper in a ramekin. Use one artichoke leaf to stir and then each leaf dip in vinaigrette and then scrape off with teeth. Delicious 

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