Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bioluminescent bay on Vieques

Sadly I can not show you pictures as it doesn't photograph well but let me tell you about the bioluminescent bay. We took a tour with Abes kayak tours. From our boat moored in Esperanza we dingyed in and then were picked up by Abes right by the short dingy dock. They took us to a parking lot where we signed paperwork then we got back in vans and taken over the most pothole strewn road I have ever seen.  Once finally in the kayaks it was so neat every time you disturbed the  water it glowed green from the plankton. Seriously you would paddle and the area would glow green. Then if you tapped on your kayak with the paddle the noise would disturb the fish and they would dart away in green trails. It looked like something out of a alien movie. Totally fantastic. I loved it. Sorry no pictures as the need for a fancy waterproof camera in order to get good photos prohibited me. But just trust me totally excellent.

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