Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Black and White Tuna with Spicy Mango Sauce

Want a very impressive dinner for having friends over? Want it easy but fancy looking? Yet something the girlfriend who is constantly on a health kick of one of your best friends will still eat and love? Have I got the tuna recipe for you.

Ingredients for the Tuna (Serves however many tuna steaks you have)
White sesame seeds
Black sesame seeds
Sesame seed oil
How to:
1. Ok yes you could use all the same color sesame seeds but not nearly as pretty. In a shallow small plate place the white seeds on one side and the black seeds on the other. Like so:
This is easiest to accomplish by putting one side down then using a knife to push to even it out and then keeping the butter knife in place put down the other seeds.
2. Preheat your Cast iron skillet and add a little sesame oil into it on medium high.
3. Using tongs carefully place your tuna steak down on the bed of sesame seeds and push strait down.
4. Using tongs only touching side of tuna pull out and reverse so other side is down and then push.
5. Still using your tongs put the tuna into the cast iron skillet .
6.Repeat steps 3-5 for remaining tuna pieces.
7. Turn tuna over carefully to other side using tongs.
8. Tuna is done when each side is seared and barely cooked through on the sides (you want it pink in the middle)

For the Spicy Mango Sauce (Serves 4)
1 champagne mango or small mango
1 tablespoon spicy sesame oil ( if do not like strong heat mix spicy and regular sesame oil depending on heat level)
3 tablespoons plain greek yogurt (I like chobani)

Instructions for Spicy Mango Sauce
1. Cube the mango. This is done by slicing down the flatter side of the mango and then hatching the mango with a knife and inverting it and cutting out the cubes
Champagne Mango
Mango hatched with knife and inverted ( see the nice cubes)
2. Put the mango cubes, yogurt, and sesame oil all together into a blender or into I container to use your immersion blender.
3. Blend together until smooth
4. Serve about 2 tablespoons per tuna steak.
Spicy Mango Sauce with black and white tuna
A top view of tuna with mango sauce
I added some rice in a ring around this tuna and mango sauce.

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