Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Dinner Recap

I find it really useful to recap dinner party menus for myself and now that I am doing this blog I am going to share it with you.
Guests 4 adults 3 kids
Centerpiece- 30 chocolate covered peeps on sticks and 18 decorated cookies on sticks
        Note do not let the kids at the centerpiece as an appetizer they barely ate anything else. However                     chocolate covered peep on a stick was a huge hit as were the cookie sticks
Appetizer- carrots and peppers with hummus
                note:hummus was not a hit with the kids but the carrots were
10 lb ham (brown sugar glazed)
2 lbs asparagus(steamed with lemon)
1 lb brussel sprouts ( roasted with sesame oil and seeds)
10 twice baked potato halves( cheddar, garlic, sour cream, butter and horseradish)
                     Notes about twice as much ham as I should have made. Also about twice as much asparagus. Only had 3 leftover twice baked potato halves so good amount. The brussel sprouts were the sleeper hit almost all went and everyone loved them ( well except nephew who thought why eat brussel sprouts when there are jelly beans)

Easter baskets, Strawberry lemon curd Triffle, centerpeice
               Note triffle one triffle bowl worth of triffle was the perfect amount only one serving leftover for breakfast this morning

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