Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Late Night Snack- Goat cheese and strawberry

So I could not sleep and decided I needed a late night snack. Rummaging the fridge and pantry got me the following items.
Homemade bread (Made according to the italian dish blogs' recipe)
Goat cheese
Ground pepper

I layered a little goat cheese on each slice of bread along with a large strawberry sliced  a tiny drizzle of honey. I started to take pictures but then decided it needed a quick grind of black pepper. 
late night snack
I know that it is not that fancy but seriously this is the perfect late night snack a little sweet a little special but super easy. 
So snacking on this while watching Bones on Hulu with the intent to get to sleep soon. 
Good night and enjoy your late night snacking. 

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