Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I found a great deal on Sperry Boat Shoes and Sandals I'm sharing

Ok I admit it I have a massive weakness for Sperry. I own more Sperry shoes then all other shoes combined not just for racing or sailing ( although that too) but for general casual shoes. I own so many different colors and almost always buy on sale. Normally Sperry shoes start at expensive and go to really expensive. So I am sharing with you the great deal I saw at Defender. In case you do not know Defender is a great online store for boat stuff.
Blue and Tan Bahama Boat Shoes
$9 Now $4.50 For size 9.5 and 5.5 normally these run $60

Seriously $9 Now $4.50 each that is insane if you have the right shoe size this is awesome

Sandals They had a ton of different women's sandals also $9 each with list prices normally about $50!!!!

White with floral Sizes 5.5 and 9.5

Then there are the silver and yellow sizes 6,7.5,8.5,10,11

These are also super cute Navy and Plaid but they sadly are only size 6 sold out

Plus how about these White and Ocean Blue for size 6,6.5, 7, 8.5, 9.5, 10. 11sold out

Then my favorite but not in my size are brown and leopard these are so great  seriously one of you readers who wears size 6 needs to get these and wear then just because I can not with my big size 10 feet. clearly purchased them as they are now sold out

I am in no way affiliated with Defender or with Sperry I just wear lots of Sperry shoes and sometimes shop at Defender. I ordered myself several of these pairs and wanted to share the great deal with you ladies. So cheap boat shoes and sandals and thus more money for spending on food and sailing.

I am very happy with shipping as well as they have already arrived. Here is a picture of the three I ordered.
My cheap new Sperry shoes and sandals

The blue and white sandals are my favorite as the texture of the blue part is amazingly comfortable I am going to go order the yellow and white pair which has that same texture now.

Edited to add :
Looks like they dropped the price to $9 for a few other pairs. I do know they have a minimum order of $25 but just buy a few pairs.
Other pairs at $9
Navy Starboard Boat Sneakers 
Size 6
White Starboard Boat Sneakers
Size 6
And for $19 
Size 12 sold out

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